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How to fix ‘Cyclic Redundancy Check’ error

Cyclic Redundancy Check is an operation that the system uses to examine the storage mediums - hard drives or optical disks. Put simply, CRC is the calculations made for assuring that the information being transferred is not damaged. If you receive the notification with this error, then there is some data that is found to be corrupted while checking.

Cyclic Redundancy Check error

Luckily, this not equals to the loss of information. Moving data is usually being divided into small parts and each of them gets a CRC value. In case the transfer went wrong, CRC index at the destination point will be different from the initial one, and it will be indicated by the error message.

Typically, the CRC error can be seen during attempts to get data from a defective CD/DVD. Less common causes include system instabilities, software imperfections and incomplete downloads. For errors with optical disks it can also be hardware issues resulting from a malfunctioning drive.

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Fix Cyclic Redundancy Check error manually

Due to the error source the methods of solution would differ.

For CDs and DVDs:
  1. If the problem occurs after you’ve inserted a disc and tried to reach its contents, then try cleaning it. For this you may use a soft cloth and carefully wipe the disc from the center to the edge. It is important to clean a disc against its motion direction. as it reduces the chances of its scratching.
  2. If you’ve noticed the scratches on the disc surface you may use a special liquid. Wipe the disc with it and after the disc is dried, insert it into the drive again.
  3. If cleaning the disc doesn’t help and the disc is badly damaged, you have nothing left but to purchase or burn another one.
For Hard Drives:
  1. Try to detect and fix the error with the system tool
    • Open My Computer or This PC
    • Right-click the hard drive that caused troubles
    • Select Properties
    • Go to Tools tab
    • Click Check Now button
    • In the appeared window check both available boxes and click Start

    or it can be done via Command Prompt
    • Press Win+R
    • Type cmd and hit Enter
    • Input chkdsk (drive letter without brackets): /f

  2. Run DiskPart
    • Press Win+R
    • Type cmd and hit Enter
    • Input diskpart and press Enter
    • Wait until the end of the process
    • Type rescan and hit Enter
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