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Threats type: Badware

Badware is a malicious program which absolutely disregards with civil rights of user and is intended for satisfaction of third party either it will be a job of a first-time hacker who creates its first badwate to test his capabilities or an evil genius of the Internet created badware for a commercial profit. There are a great amount of badware types out there.

Confidential information gathered by badware can be abused, and financial or other personal data can lead to identity theft due to badware activity. Some forms of badware use a lot of system resources and are a cause of unstable operability of your Windows.

We created an effective tool for to fight with any types of badware. Stronghold AntiMalware will help you to secure your personal data and computer performance in spite of variety of badware types spread over the Internet.

Security Stronghold threat catalog: 1299, current: 130

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