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Threats type: Dialer

Dialer is a malicious program which "loves" expensive paid numbers and adult services. While you work in the Internet without suspecting anything wrong a dialer visits some closed porn sites or set a connection to the server of dialer host. Dialer is often described as a subtype of trojan. Dialers are usually used by hosts of porn site but thanks to their specific ways of launching many associated valid processes suffer too.

Dialer manages a remote connection by several ways:

  • Dialer can call a number and set a connection with the help of its tools,
  • Dialer can make a new remote access connection,
  • Dialer can change a real remote access connection.

    Sometimes dialers behave as malicious programs of other types like Adware, Spyware or Trojan-Downloader. Some dialers include themselves into autorun list. Some kinds of dialers even penetrate themselves into the code of foreign programs.

    To escape undesirable dials you may purchase Security Stronghold's products and don't worry about dialers any longer. Stronghold AntiMalware can find and delete over 1000 various kinds of dialers and that way help you feel yourself absolutely safe in the Internet.

  • Security Stronghold threat catalog: 103, current: 130

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