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Threats type: Hijacker

Hijacker is a widespread subtype of trojans. Hijacker usually sets up on the user’s computer in order to do some things which are undesirable for user but provide a benefit for hackers. Hijackers can readjust some settings of Internet browser, e-mail and other applications without user’s permission.

Hijackers are usually used to change default settings:

  • Hijacker can set up its own browser start page,
  • Hijacker can destroy a search settings in the Registry and substitute search results page for the home page of hijacker developers,
  • Hijacker can change levels of safety and its settings,
  • Hijacker can substitute standard browser reaction for errors to reach its own goal.
  • Surprising modification of favorites list can be a result of hijacker’s work as well.

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Security Stronghold threat catalog: 2487, current: 130

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