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Threats type: Virus

Virus is a type of malicious program which creates its multiple copies on the computer’s hard drive. In addition virus can damage or delete any data on user’s computer without his permission. Viruses spread penetrating itself into the code of executable programs.

Virus is a rather unpleasant and unexpected opportunity to lose some of your files, to get surprised by appearance of new programs or other "interesting things" on your computer. Frankly speaking, virus appearance threatens you with unstable operability of your Windows. Viruses are the result of work of unprincipled programmers who seem to be evil genius of the Internet. It often happens when hackers set a virus to attack definite object but it spreads itself on the whole Internet. Corporations and some organizations with enhanced protection are under especial attention of hackers and should be protected from viruses.

There are a lot of ways to get a couple of viruses or even more. If you insert your flash drive into any unknown computer you should be prepared to become loaded of some new viruses. If you use the Internet without anti spyware or anti virus monitoring don’t be offended for new unknown applications on your hard drive. Launching strange enclosures from the letters or opening e-mail from an unknown sender threatens your computer operability. Some causeless errors and messages may be a sign of virus invasion. If you seem your Windows has a strange behavior don't accuse of a computer spirit or poltergeist. Some viruses are usually can be found and eliminated with some anti virus program or with Stronghold AntiMalware. But there are special cases when usual measures find itself as powerless ones against new vivuses. It is not a catastrophe yet – just use Stronghold AntiMalware to sleep the sleep of the just.

You shouldn't be so naive to turn a blind eye to appearance of any viruses on your computer. Consequences of your placidity may be very serious. Stronghold AntiMalware can eliminate more than 3,000,000 most popular and dangerous viruses. You can purchase Stronghold AntiMalware to secure yourself from even unknown viruses thanks to its heuristic algorithm.

Security Stronghold threat catalog: 164, current: 130

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