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Threats type: Worm

It is a distinctive feature of worms to copy themselves from one points to other ones many times in a row. Worms spread themselves automatically over user’s e-mail address book. One worm can multiply itself many times. Hereby your computer becomes a worm carrier if you want it or not. Even if your reputation is indifferent for you don’t forget that worm grabs a lot of your system resources. Worm attacks such as the much-talked-about Blaster Worm recently are usually designed to tunnel into your Windows and give an access to malicious users to control your computer remotely.

A spread of the worm is like an avalanche. To stop worm’s distribution you may take advantage of our products. Stronghold AntiMalware can successfully detect and remove latest worms due to it's Hybrid Cloud technology.

Security Stronghold threat catalog: 313, current: 130

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