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Partnership Opportunities

Security Stronghold Company is always looking for the ways to extend both our offline and online our presence and add new sales channels. We are open to any partnership proposals. Being open minded and dynamically evolving company Security Stronghold can help you grow your business. You will find the types of partnership we are opened to below.

Sales Channel Partner

If you have access to particular local market or to some audience or society, we will help you to monetize your asset by providing excellent security and privacy keeping software to your clients and your market. Our payouts start from 50% and can reach 75% under certain conditions. We provide dedicated support both to our partners and to their clients, helping you to concentrate on sales and not on maintenance.

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If you own a popular web site or blog or if you know how to deal with PPC networks, social networks and organic search traffic, you are welcome to become our affiliate. We pay you up to 75% per each sale you make. Payments are made once or two times per month via wire transfer, PayPal or check. We use three payment processing services: eSellerate, Avangate and SWREG. Each of them has excellent affiliate sales tracking and reporting features which automate everything from affiliate sign up process to sending you checks for the sales you made with us. Sales are tracked via special hyperlinks and cookies with 60 days lifetime. This ensures that you always get commissions for the sales you make, even if the customer didn't purchase through you affiliate link and purchased from some other source later.

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Computer Repair Shops and Software Shops

Do you own local computer repair shop or software shop? Then you are welcome to sell our products to your customers or offer them as an added value in your promotional campaign. If you sell electronic versions of our software, our payouts are from 50% to 75% depending on the sales volumes. If you sell hard copies (i.e. boxes) of our software, our payouts vary depending on your location and the amount of hard copies you purchase from us in one package. We can send you hard copies of our software directly to your location, without any intermediate agencies or distributors – this is the preferred model of our partnership. The minimum amount of hard copies in the package is 10.

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OEM Partner

If you develop and sell branded computers, notebooks or security-related hardware, you can bundle our anti spyware and anti virus solutions with your hardware or pre-install it on your computers/notebooks on very competitive conditions. Terms of partnership are subject for negotiation. You can apply for competitive OEM volume licenses or you can preinstall trial or time-limited versions while getting commissions for full version purchases.

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