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Removal of Dialer - How to deal with dialers

Dialers - is quite rare type of threats nowadays but they still can cause serious problems to you. The matter is that computer dialer uses you phone line to dial special phone numbers (most popular are adult content dialers). Calling those numbers will cost you lot of money thats why removing dialer from your PC is urgent and necassary procedure. Learn more about particular type of dialers - Dialer - and read how you can remove it without extra efforts.

* What is Dialer

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* Remove Dialer manually

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Threat indicator: HIGH

Threat's profile

Name of the threat:

Command or file name:

Threat type:

Affected OS:

Affected browsers:




Win32 (Windows XP, Vista, Seven, 8)

Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari

Dialer mutely erases the browser's cache and history. Dialer connects its victim's machine to the Wide-Area Network through costly phone number. Parasites deliberately do not suggest one minute and dependable wide-area net connection, as every minute that a buyer spends being online brings them quite a big revenue. Such work results in acquisition huge phone checks. By virtue of very poor connection speed and throughput some WWW sites can't be admissioned or do not work as supposeed. Downloading applications or music, watching online video or animation, browsing complex multimedia Web sites are almost infeasible tasks for consumers whose machines are wormy with Dialers.

Dialer infection

Dialers have not a real difference from other computer virus when they get installed onto your computer without your knowledge. If your antivirus software let Dialer get to your PC commonly it is unable to remove it as well. Firewalls are great tools to prevent dialer from accessing premium rate numbers. Generally, Dialer copies its file(s) to your hard disk. Its typical file name is Care20.exe . Then it creates new startup key with name Dialer and value Care20.exe . You can also find it in your processes list with name Care20.exe or Dialer.

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Download Spyhunter Remediation Tool by Enigma Software

Download antimalware designed specifically to remove threats like Dialer and Care20.exe (download of fix will start immediately):

Download AntiMalware to remove Dialer

Features of Spyhunter Remediation Tool

* Removes all files created by Dialer.

* Removes all registry entries created by Dialer.

* Fixes browser redirection and hijack if needed.

* "Toolbar Remover" tool will help you get rid of unwanted browser extensions.

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Let our support team solve your problem with Dialer and repair Dialer right now!

Call us using the number below and describe your problem with Dialer. Support team will offer you solution in several minutes and give a step-by-step instruction on how to remove Dialer. Trouble-free tech support with over 10 years experience removing malware.

Software Industry Professionals Member
Threat's description and solution are developed by Security Stronghold security team.

Here you can also learn:

* Technical details of Dialer threat.

* Manual Dialer removal.

* Download WiperSoft Antispyware Malware Remediation Tool

How to remove Dialer?

In most cases your basic antivirus fails to get rid of a certain dialer. Solution from is intended to remove Dialer, and we provide manual dialer removal instructions as well as autimatic removal tool. Instructions allow the experienced user manually remove all the files, directories, registry entries and other objects that belong to Dialer. If you consider yourself a "novice" we strongly recommend you to use Dialer Removal Tool.

So, to solve problem with Dialer on your PC, you need to:

1. Remove the following processes and delete the appropriate files:

  • cat.exe
  • contentbrowser.exe
  • od-stnd493.exe
  • trojan.win32.dialer.ac_(68).exe
  • trojan.win32.dialer.r.exe
  • sms[1].exe
  • seasx.exe
  • sesx.exe
  • 123111.dd
  • 123111.dlr
  • autodialer.dll
  • babette.exe
  • canada.exe
  • dialer.txt
  • easyvirgins_au.exe
  • hot_tarts_au.exe
  • hot_tarts_mc.exe
  • lit.txt
  • terms.txt
  • uninstalldialer.exe
  • hotadult.exe
  • hot adult.lnk
  • virgins_au.lnk
  • virgins_au.exe
  • uninstallxxx.bat
  • nsupd9x.inf
  • baisoramafr.exe
  • baisoramafr.lnk
  • gdimx.exe
  • sescmgr.exe
  • rdpslip.exe
  • hacker ag*.*
  • hackerspider*.*
  • pleasure2.*
  • sexstudio*.*
  • iccontrol.exe

2. Remove the following directories:

  • %windows%\system32\services\
  • %programfiles%\video1\dialers\
  • c:\swdialer\hot adult\
  • %programfiles%\video1\dialers\virgins_au\
  • %windows%\illnf\
  • c:\hithopper\
  • %programfiles%\baisoramafr\

3. Remove the following malicious registry entries and\or values:

  • Key: .vmxy
    Value: @
  • Key: clsid\{4bcf322b-9621-4e90-9678-f1424eb7584e}
    Value: @
  • Key: IEAccess2.IEDial
  • Key: Interface\{3CD945A2-E413-4956-B9D8-A67FB6A7CB66}
  • Key: Interface\{D24A1963-9951-4153-A340-6648759EB77D}
  • Key: vmxy file
    Value: @
  • Key: 24\client id
  • Key: software\comsoft\dialers
    Value: @
  • Key: software\netscape\netscape navigator\suffixes\application/x-cnty2
  • Key: software\netscape\netscape navigator\viewers\application/x-cnty2
  • Key: software\video1\dialers\hot_tarts_au\mimetype_description
    Value: @
  • Key: software\video1\dialers\virgins_au
    Value: @
  • Key: software\microsoft\windows\currentversion\explorer\browser helper objects

    Value: @
  • Key: software\microsoft\windows\currentversion\run\diskstart
    Value: @
  • Key:

    Value: @
  • Key:
    .default\software\netscape\netscape navigator\suffixes\application/x-plsr2
  • Key: .default\software\netscape\netscape navigator\user trusted external applications
    \c:\program files\dialers\pleasure2\pleasure2.exe

    Value: @
  • Key:
    .default\software\netscape\netscape navigator\viewers\application/x-plsr2
  • Key: .default\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\MenuOrder\Start Menu
    \Programs\- Anime-Dialer -
  • Key: .default\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\MenuOrder\Start Menu
    \Programs\- spiele-download -
  • Key: .default\software\netscape\netscape navigator\user trusted external applications
  • Key: .dting
  • Key: CLSID\{1D2DCA0D-B30F-40AD-9690-087105F214EC}
  • Key: CLSID\{99e79790-2b09-11d6-8c73-0800460222f0}
  • Key: CLSID\IEDial Class
  • Key: CLSID\IEDial Class.1
  • Key: exengd.dialercon
  • Key: exengd.dialercon.1
  • Key: exengd.exe
  • Key: IEAccess2.IEDial.1
  • Key: IEDial Class
  • Key: IEDial Class.1
  • Key: MIME\Database\Content Type\application/x-dting
  • Key:
    SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Code Store Database\Distribution Units\{E21AE2D7-972C-4D23-BEE7-A902122841E6}
  • Key: Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\MenuOrder\Start Menu
    \Programs\- Anime-Dialer -
  • Key: Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\MenuOrder\Start Menu
    \Programs\- spiele-download -
  • Key: SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\Hacker AG SE
  • Key: SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\HackerAG
  • Key: SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\HackerSpider
  • Key: SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\Sexstudio24
  • Key: SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\
  • Key: TYPELIB\{99e79781-2b09-11d6-8c73-0800460222f0}
  • Key: .default\Software\Netscape\Netscape Navigator\Suffixes
    Value: application/x-2PARTY
  • Key: .default\Software\Netscape\Netscape Navigator\Suffixes
    Value: application/x-cnty
  • Key: .default\Software\Netscape\Netscape Navigator\Suffixes
    Value: application/x-dting
  • Key: .DEFAULT\Software\Netscape\Netscape Navigator\Suffixes
    Value: UKVideo
  • Key: .default\Software\Netscape\Netscape Navigator\Viewers
    Value: application/x-2PARTY
  • Key: .default\Software\Netscape\Netscape Navigator\Viewers
    Value: application/x-cnty
  • Key: .default\Software\Netscape\Netscape Navigator\Viewers
    Value: application/x-dting
  • Key: .DEFAULT\Software\Netscape\Netscape Navigator\Viewers
    Value: UKVideo
  • Key: Software\Netscape\Netscape Navigator\Suffixes
    Value: DateMaker
  • Key: Software\Netscape\Netscape Navigator\Suffixes
    Value: Proclaim Telcom
  • Key: SoftWare\Visio RAS Script
    Value: f5b037
  • Key: SoftWare\Visio RAS Script
    Value: Prefixe
  • Key: SoftWare\Visio RAS Script
    Value: Pays
  • Key: SoftWare\Visio RAS Script
    Value: Langue

Attention: If you can't locate certain files or folders we recommend you to use WiperSoft Antispyware Malware Remediation Tool for guaranteed problem solution.

Uninstall Dialer related programs from Control Panel

We recommend you to check list of installed programs and search for Dialer entry or other unknown and suspicious programs. Below are instructions for different version if Windows. In some cases adware programs are protected by malicious service or process and it will not allow you to uninstall it. If Dialer won't uninstall or gives you error message that you do not have sufficient rights to do this perform below instructions in Safe Mode or Safe Mode with Networking or use WiperSoft Antispyware Malware Remediation Tool.

windows 8 logo

Windows 8

  • Right click on the bottom left corner of the screen (while on your desktop)

  • In the menu choose Control Panel

  • Click Uninstall a program under Programs and Features.

  • Locate Dialer or other related suspicious program.

  • Click Uninstall button.

  • Wait until uninstall process is complete.

windows 7 logo

Windows 7

  • Click Start and choose Control Panel.

  • Choose Programs and Features and Uninstall a program.

  • In the list of installed programs find Dialer

  • Click Uninstall button.

windows xp logo

Windows XP

  • Click Start

  • In the menu choose Control Panel

  • Choose Add / Remove Programs.

  • Find Dialer related entries.

  • Click Remove button.

Here are the descriptions of problems connected with Dialer and Care20.exe we received earlier:

Problem Summary: trojan

win32 dialer -kt
what do i have to do to remove it??

Problem was successfully solved. Ticket was closed.

Problem Summary: Dialer Problem

I have ESET NODD32 Antivirus 4 running in my notebook and when I connect my ISP internet dial-up modem, it disconnects in seconds and prompts "a URL is blocked -
IP Address:"

What should I do?

Problem was successfully solved. Ticket was closed.

Problem Summary: z-connect!!

z-connect drops my dail up connection every time how do i remove it?

Problem was successfully solved. Ticket was closed.

Problem Summary: My internet connection cuts off after connecting for a minute or so.

My PC has the z-connect virus and it cuts my internet connection frequently to the extent that I cannot download antivirus updates from the net. I use the 3G card to connect to the net.

Problem was successfully solved. Ticket was closed.

Problem Summary: z-connect

hi, any internet connection terminates after +-1min then a new connection appears (z-connect) and tries to dial out to an obsolete number.
this happenned 1st with the internal modem, then with a cell-phone connection.
We did attempt removing the dial-up drivers and z-connect connection.
this has been the case for months.
pls help
south african :-(

Problem was successfully solved. Ticket was closed.

Problem Summary: dialer problems

hi I am currently having dialer problems when I install my isp diler (netscape) from the cd they sent me it hangs up in the set up process and I have to go into my settings and create a manuall conection and connect to the internet that way and then the install fromthe cd will finish and then I am able to connect to the internet via the isp dialer but when I disconnect and the computer sits at idel for a few hours the color of the isp dialer changes color and it stops working, and I have to reinstall the process all over again. What give can you help me I hav talked to netscape and they are stumped. any info would be greatful. thanks

Problem was successfully solved. Ticket was closed.


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