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I can't update anti spyware database via the Internet. How to fix updating?

If you get error messages while trying to update our products via the Internet, check the following:

  1. Do you have the latest version of program?
    Only the latest versions of our programs have direct access to updating servers. To find out the latest supported versions of programs, click here. If you find out that you have outdated version, please download and install new full version of program using the link in your order confirmation email. Do not download new version of program from the main page of our web site! If you do this, you are in the risk of replacing full version with the trial one. Use only the links mentioned in your order confirmation email.
  2. Do you have proxy or firewall which can block access to the Internet?
    Make sure that your proxy and firewall do not block Internet access for our programs. Add our programs to "White List" or click "Allow" if alert window of firewall pops up when updating.
  3. Is your Internet access up and running?
    Please make sure your Internet access is up and running and all HTTP applications can use it. Our own servers have more than 99.9% uptime, so it is much more probable that it's you who have problems with Internet access than we.
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