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Satisfaction Guarantee and Refund Policy

Satisfaction Guarantee
Refund Policy

Our main value is security and satisfaction of our customers. On the other hand we try to protect ourselves from casual software piracy and fraud. This Refund Policy was born from the balance of these two goals.

Standalone Products

This part of refund policy is applied to all our standalone products as well bundles of standalone products and products of our partners. For refund policy of Safe Computing Club please scroll down the page.

1. Refundable cases

In general case we will refund your order if you used our product fairly and it did not solve your problem. This satisfaction guarantee is valid during 60 days from the moment of purchase providing all below mentioned conditions are satisfied.

60 Days Moneyback Guarantee

1.1. Duplicated orders. Duplicated order will be refunded per initial request. You should provide both number of initial order and duplicated order.

1.2. Major errors and technical problems. If you encounter major technical problem or incompatibility when using our product you should write our support team and provide detailed description of your problem. Give us up to one week to work out the solution of your problem. You should answer all questions of our support staff and provide all information requested in a timely manner. If we are unable to work out the solution in one week we'll give you full refund. Please note that if you can't respond to our questions in a timely manner, the one week support period can be prolonged.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

1.3 Our product does not find or fix the problem it is supposed to find and fix according to its description. In this case you should write to support team and provide detailed description of the problem you have. Support staff may request you to send us infected file for analysis or provide other information about your system. Give us up to one week to work out the solution of your problem. You should answer all questions of our support staff and provide all information requested. If we are unable to work out the solution in one week we'll give you full refund.

Important: The problem you are talking of should really exist! For example, we receive a lot of requests of files and processes like svchost.exe which after analysis turn out to be legitimate Windows files. We will not provide refund if our program does not find and fix problem that in fact is not problem at all.

2. Non-refundable cases

We will not refund in all cases where usage of program can not be considered fair or can be classified as fraud or casual software piracy. Moreover, we will take actions against fraudulent chargebacks, contact your credit card issuer and guard our interests in court. Please do remember it is a criminal offence to cancel a payment for goods already received.

2.1 Simultaneous purchase of several competitive products. The scenario when user purchases several competitive products, tries them, selects one desired and requests refund for all others is considered to be unfair use. Such activity harms our business so we will not refund or permit chargebacks in such case. All our products have trial versions which you can download for free and test whether they fit your needs or not.

2.2 Purchase without using trial version. We will not refund in case you purchased our product and found that it is incompatible with other programs on your computer or with your system or doesn't perform the function it should not perform according to its commercial description, but you thought it should. All our products have trial versions which you can download for free and test whether they work on your system or not and whether they fit your needs or not. In some cases however we do provide refund if trial version worked well and full version is not working and we can't solve this problem.

2.3 Trying to solve problems with our product or problems it is supposed to solve manually or using third-party programs/services without contacting our support team beforehand. In case you faced any problems with our program (including the case when it doesn't solve the problems it is supposed to solve), you should first of all contact our support team, wait for response, answer all appropriate questions and follow all instructions we give you. If we can't solve your problem within one week, we'll refund you ourselves. Most problems our support team faces, however, are solved within on day. Trying third party software\services or trying to solve the problem manually is a violation of our Refund Policy. We won't refund you in such case. Please note again that our support team successfully solves 99% of all problems our users face. You just need to contact our support team in time and let us solve your problem.

3. Refund Rules

If you see from above rules that your case is refundable and our support team confirms that, you should:

1) Completely uninstall product you are requesting refund for.
2) Print out, fill, scan and email Letter of Intellectual Property Acknowledgment and Destruction to

In order to obtain a refund you must provide your correct e-mail address and mailing address to Security Stronghold. Security Stronghold will not be liable for any claims of non-receipt of merchandise, and/or non-receipt of a "Letter of Intellectual Property Acknowledgment and Destruction" that was a result of an incorrect email address and/or mailing address provided by you to Information Security Stronghold. The customer is responsible for providing a correct/working e-mail address.

4. Fraudulent Credit Card Charges or Fraudulent Claims

All requests to negate charges are investigated by our technical department and legal department. If you make a fraudulent claim of unauthorized card usage, we will report this to the credit card services. This report may result in cancellation of your card services, put negative information on your credit report, and create possible criminal charges that may be filed against you.

5. Product to Service exchange rules

If our Product fails to solve your problem, but our Support Team then solves your problem succesfully, we can refund your order for the Product in exchange to payment for the Service rendered by our support team. This can be done per your request only. The typical hour rate of our Support Team is $70, but can vary as it depends on the level of support staff that was required to solve your problem.

Safe Computing Club and SaaS (Software as Service) Products

This part of Refund Policy is applied to Safe Computing Club memberships and SaaS Products - i.e. products provided as services with monthly fee.

1. Refund Policy: Billing month starts from the moment when payment is successfully processed. Payments for the month that is already started are non-refundable under any conditions. You can request a refund only for the part of your payment which belongs to the period of time not yet started. For example, if you purchased 12 months of subscription at one and decided to cancel subscription, we'll refund you the part of the payment for 11 month as the first month of your subscription had already started by the moment of refund request.

2. Cancellation Policy. You can cancel your subscription any time you like by opening a ticket in our Support Team . From the moment of cancellation request you won't be charged for your subscription anymore.

3. Chargebacks Handling Policy. Upon receiving chargeback we immediately stop your account and block access to all software/services you purchased. Additionally, we forward a request to your bank regarding the reason of chargeback request and whether it complies with our Refund Policy. If not, legal actions are taken.

For all questions regarding satisfaction guarantee and refund policy contact our Support Team

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